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Hi, This is Tuncay. I live in Cleveland, OH with my wife Ece. I am a software developer enthusiast. I make enterprise web and mobile apps/games in many platforms.

I have 11 years of experience in full software development lifecycle. I design and implement innovative and customizable software solutions. I have expertise in advanced development processes.

I have 8 years of experience in object-oriented analysis, design and development in multiple technology stacks.

I like solving problems and mentoring junior developers.

As an enthusiast in best practices and clean code in software development, I always enjoy applying SOLID principles, design patterns, unit testing and automation to my work.

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My Timeline

  • Dwellworks - Senior Software Engineer September 2019 - present
    I work as a Senior Software Engineer in Application Development. Dwellworks is a Cleveland Ohio based international company, specializing in relocation services.
  • Crossover - Senior Software Engineer December 2018 - April 2019
    I worked as an Independent Contractor in Engineering Code Cleanup division. As a 100% remote working company based in Austin Texas, Crossover has a very dynamic and fast-paced work environment with qualified engineers from all over the world. Our team is responsible for refactoring the code in the repositories of the customer companies, removing the anti-patterns and rewriting the code according to SOLID principles. I worked on the code repositories of Trilogy, GFI Languard, GFI Mail Archiver, VoltDelta, Aurea Energy Solutions with a FTAR of 100% (FTAR: First Time Acceptance Rate, a quality metric which measures the rate of merged pull requests without any rejection from the customer).
  • TumBot - personal project March - April 2018
    A Python application as an autonomous bot in Tumblr. According to the given keyword list, the bot user can perform functions like searching users and posts, creating reposts, following other users, etc. The purpose is to mimic human behavior and increase the number of followers and posts of the user (Python, Selenium).
  • Super Lottery Lucky Numbers - personal project June - July 2017
    An Android application for saving lottery coupons and sending the results via push notification (Java / Android, ASP.NET Core Web API, IBM Bluemix, Realm DB, Retrofit, Firebase Push Notification).
    Google Play, Github server code, Github android code
  • Bogazici University September 2013 - January 2016
    M.Sc. on Software Engineering (3rd in department, 3.77/4.00 GPA).
  • Traffic Monster - homework project September 2015 - January 2016
    An iOS application for catching traffic violations. Customers can record the traffic violations and send the recordings to the authorities easily. I designed and developed the application as homework in Bogazici University (Swift).
  • Timeout - homework project February - May 2015
    A social network for Bogazici University Department of Computer Engineering academicians and students that provides users to create, join and attend groups and events, add friends and get recommendations based on semantic tagging from web and mobile clients. I developed the back-end part of the project with Java and Hibernate technologies (Java, Google Cloud, Hibernate, Spring Framework, Angular, Android Studio).
  • Softtech - Senior Software Engineer April 2015 - November 2018

    I worked in Internet and Mobile Banking division. I was the technical lead for Digital Banking Security back-end team. Our team was designing and developing RESTful Web API services in a high-traffic and multi-threaded environment. Softtech is the software company of Isbank. Isbank is the biggest bank in Turkey with more than 6 million active internet and mobile banking customers.

    MicroSapphire project: Technical lead of the Microservices Technology Research Group. Doing research about Microservices and Message Based Programming. Developing a small microservices version of a big monolithic domain called Sapphire (ASP.NET Core Web API, RabbitMq, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure Serverless, MongoDb).

    Carduino project: Technical lead of the winner team “Analog” in #SofttechHackathon4 – The Internet of Things. An Arduino based robot car is assembled and programmed to calculate scores for its driver (Arduino, Android programming, Javascript, ASP.NET Web API, IBM Bluemix).

    Karinca project: IT infrastructure modernization for Isbank. Our team moves digital banking limits and back-end customer security data from IBM mainframe to relational DB2 database. The legacy code written in Cobol are being rewritten in C# with unit tests. I am the technical lead for the team consisting of 7 developers. We use Kanban Software Development Process in this project. (.NET WCF, ASP.NET Web API, IBM DB2).

  • SweGammon - personal project March - April 2015

    A multiplayer backgammon game. Users can both play or watch backgammon games. Client-server architecture is used. I designed and developed the application as homework in Bogazici University (Python socket programming).

    Github code
  • One Second Math - personal project July - August 2014

    An Android game, which players should solve simple math problems in 1 second (Java / Android).

    Google Play, Github code
  • Dragon vs Planes - personal project November - December 2012

    An arcade Android game, which players shoot various planes with a dragon (Java / Android).

    Google Play, Github code
  • Softtech - Software Engineer April 2011 - April 2015

    I worked as a software team member in Alternative Distribution Channels back-end team. Our team was designing and developing back-end WCF services in a high-traffic and multi-threaded environment.

    Mesken project: A house decision support system. By web crawling/scraping, real-estate data is taken from various web sites to MS-SQL database. Customers can sort and display the houses according to the combination of price, location and size criteria. My hackathon team in Softtech designed the prototype. I developed the final product and wrote an article for Bogazici University (ASP.NET MVC). Article link

    Social Account project: A mobile application for organizing activities and sharing money between friends. Back-end service was designed and implemented (.NET WCF, IBM DB2).

  • Isbank - Software Specialist January 2007 - April 2011

    I worked in Interactive Banking and Customer Department. I experienced customer-focused structural transformation in banking processes. Isbank is the biggest bank in Turkey with more than 6 million active Internet and Mobile Banking customers.

    Weekly Payment project: A batch application for sending weekly payment e-mails for Isbank customers. Our team in Isbank developed this application. Now, our team in Softtech is dealing with the maintenance of the application (Java Spring Batch Framework).

  • Istanbul Commerce University - Research Assistant September 2004 - December 2006

    I worked in Industrial Engineering Department.

    Research areas: Management information systems, databases.

  • Istanbul Bilgi University September 2004 - June 2006

    M.Sc. on Economics

  • Middle East Technical University September 1997 - January 2003

    B.Sc. on Industrial Engineering

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